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September Makeup Workshop

So it’s the start of the BER months and we’ve decided to be generous!!!! Discounts and Promos await couples who will book Makeup by Ana Isip this September

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS for couples who will book Makeup by Ana Isip and WeDoItForLove Photography



I recently received a Pandora bracelet from my good friends Abby, Arbee, Cece and Cha of Kiss The Girl Events. I am not much of a fan of jewelry but when I was given the gift it suddenly sparked my interest since I am a very sentimental person. Charm bracelets are known to collect memories by each charm you add to it. Since Pandora is known for it’s luxurious and expensive charms, I opted to look for a cheaper alternative. I then found Soufeel. Unlike Pandora, Soufeel offers memorable charms in which you can embed a photo of you, your loved ones or even your pets. This suddenly gave me an idea to then return the favor and buy my 4 friends a memorable charm of their own. I also got to shop for myself of course!! haha

I ordered the charms online at  last Jan 18,2016. I was so excited and so scared at the same time since I didn’t know if I would get the package or not. Philippine Express Mail is known to extort money from people who receive merchandise from abroad (through charges and taxes) and since it’s my first time to order anything from Soufeel, I didn’t know what to expect. I spent  almost P10,000 or P9,423.03 to be exact since I got carried away by the cute charms. The anticipation was actually killing me since I checked out Soufeel’s FB Page and saw a lot of negative comments about orders not being received at all and orders being sent incomplete. So the wait seemed soooooo long. Finally the package arrived in Feb 1,2016 which was a total of only 14days!!! The package was sent directly to my house through LBC!! What a relief that I didn’t have to claim it from the local post office. Phew!! I was so happy and so was my 9 year old daughter Una who got her very first charm bracelet. I told her that her charms would come if she had high grades in school and on her birthday and Christmas as well.

The bracelet, necklaces and charms were surprisingly made of high quality silver and has a 925 sterling silver mark on each of them. The memorable charms even though really small are of high quality photo printing as well!! The best part is everything fits on my Pandora bracelet! I am so happy with all my items!!


Here are the breakdown of the items I got:

1.) 4 memorable charms for my friends from Kiss the Girl Events

2.) 1 memorable charm with my family’s picture on it

3.) 1 memorable charm with me and my husband’s picture on it

4.) 1 memorable charm with my breastfeeding portrait on it

5.) 1 Lipstick charm (symbolizing my profession)

6.) 1 Airplane charm (symbolizing travel)

7.) 1 Letter “A” (well A for Ana)

8.) 1 charm bracelet for my daughter Una

9.) 2 FREE silver necklaces

10.) 2 Soufeel velvet pouches and cleaning cloth




Today I did a makeup demo for the Relaunch of FS Cosmetics. I did 3 different looks on the models. It was great working with the young PMAP models Jaq (Up Till Night Look), Hannah (Down To Business Look), Lou (On The Go Look). Always love working with PMAP models because through the years of being in the Beauty Industry I have realized how different it is to work with professionals. They have proper ethics and are very punctual so we were able to do all 3 looks in less than 2hours.

FS Cosmetics did this Relaunch because they have changed their packaging and added a lot more to the roster of their products. One of my fave products that they have is the lip gloss that has a small mirror and lights up when you pull the lip wand. This can be used even in the dark or in the car without having to open the lights! it also has a wide range of colors both matte and glossy. They now have more shades of 2-Way-Cake and Powder Foundations, Loose Powders and matte and creamy lipsticks. They also relaunched their new website

Today’s Press launch was done at Aracama Filipino Cuisine in BGC Fort Strip. The Launch was hosted by non other than Donita Rose. Such a lovely lady with a timeless beauty. I want to thank Linda and Rose of Tamarix Management Group Inc for always trusting me with their events. I would also like to thank Mr Edmon Ngo (Owner and CEO of FS Cosmetics) for the wonderful box of goodies!!! I can’t wait to play with them!