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As a service provider myself, I have the obligation to treat my clients with utmost respect, warmth, and gratitude. The mere fact that they have even just considered to book me is already a big honor for me. It means that they like what they have seen in my portfolio or also what people have been saying about me. I make sure that my clients are happy and content not just with my artistry but also with my service.



1.) First, I ask the client what she wants for her makeup look and hairstyle as well

2.) Then I ask what kind of event she is attending (wedding, debut, convention, modelling stint, photoshoot, formal, casual, etc)

3.) Then I ask what color the client is wearing to the event and also the cut of the gown which is important especially with the hairstyle

4.) I tell the client my plan for her over all look and if she agrees to it then I start doing my job

5.) I ask her if she is allergic to any makeup, skincare etc.

6.) I ask permission if I can groom the eyebrows if necessary (some people don’t like their eyebrows being touched and I respect this)

7.) While doing the makeup on my client I ask her if she likes what she is seeing and to feel free to inform me if she sees anything she’s not comfortable with.

8.) I ask the client if it would be okay for me to use false eyelashes (which I always do unless client doesn’t want me to)

9.) When I’m done, I ask the client again if she is happy with what I did and if she says yes then my work is done but if she says that she’s not comfortable with something I did then I make sure I address the issue and do everything I can to make sure the client gets what she wants.

10.) Once I see the big smile on my clients face, that’s when I know my work is done. I thank the client and bid her goodbye. I always walk them to the door and up to the gate to make sure that they feel that my service doesn’t end after they pay me.

After 8 years in this business, I have encountered many different types of personalities. This has taught me a lot and I can say that I try to improve on my customer service all the time.

HERE ARE MY TOP 3 PRIORITIES  (as a service provider)

1.) I answer texts and emails right away.

2.) I entertain any question the client may have regarding makeup products, rates, etc.

3.) I treat my clients with respect, warmth and with unending patience. In the end they almost always turn out to be good friends of mine.

PHOTO by: Toto Villaruel Photography



Painting has been a part of me since I can remember. It’s a hobby that keeps me happy and at the same time productive during the lean months. My house has actually turned into a sort of art gallery. I  have so much paintings that I don’t know where to put them. I have no more empty walls. I even have paintings on my staircase and on top of shelves. My 3 children love to paint with me so they have a couple of artworks displayed in the house as well. My passion for art has influenced my kids. We make a day out of painting. They just love it!

I have had the privilege of having a 2-woman exhibit in my alma mater San Beda Alabang Museum called “CHROMA” back in 2013 I also had another group exhibit in Likha Diwa in UP Diliman.  These exhibits actually inspired me to paint more. I’ve been finishing at least 10-15 paintings a year so just imagine how much artwork I have in my house. I already sold a couple which I don’t normally do. My paintings mean a lot to me and I really don’t like parting with them. They’re like babies to me. I’ve given some as gifts though to really close friends and family. (This is ok since I get to see them when I go to their houses haha :)) )

Finding a hobby is important because it keeps you busy when you have nothing to do. It’s better than watching TV and sleeping the whole day. I could actually go on painting for 9 hours straight just stopping to eat or visit the little girls room. It makes me really tired but the sense of accomplishment after finishing a piece is just so gratifying. Looking at the colors keeps me relaxed and in a really happy mood. It makes me forget about my problems and worries. Painting for me is the perfect way to spend a day especially when I do it with my kids.



When I was preparing for my wedding, I and my husband knew that getting the right make-up artist is as important as getting the perfect videographer and photographer, as they are the ones who will immortalize our wedding day seen years and decades from now.
We knew that presentation and make-up are not things which we could compromise. I came across Ana Isip as she was highly recommended by my videographer, Ian Cruz of Ian Cruz Films. I instantly felt at ease with Ana when she did my trial make-up. She was on time for our 2AM call time on my wedding day! She is so amazing! She made me, my family, and my entourage look radiant and so very beautiful!

Beautiful moments of Hender & Ayna’s WEDDING captured by CamZar Photography

Date: Sept 12,2015
LOCATION: Picasso Boutique Hotel, Don Bosco Parish, Blue Leaf Filipinas
HAIR: Dave Grona
PHOTOGRAPHY: CamZar Photography
VIDEOGRAPHER: Zoombox Videos

I am a mom of 3. After my 3rd child, I gained so much weight!! I was 145 lbs post pregnancy. I was always used to being skinny. My normal weight ranged from 111 to 120lbs (height 5’4″) at the most even when I already had my 2 girls. But for some reason I gained so much when I had my baby boy. I did breastfeed him for 2 years and I lost a little weight in the first 6months since he was exclusively breastfeeding. When he started eating solids, I started gaining weight again since my lifestyle and diet didn’t change. I was still eating as if I was still nursing him exclusively and I wasn’t exercising at all. I did start working again as soon as he turned 3months but I was eating fast food, desserts and loads of carbs. This didn’t help at all since during my wedding gigs we normally eat fast food since it’s the most convenient packed meal for suppliers.

I started working out in 2012 when Yago turned 2. I stopped breastfeeding and had more time for myself. I enrolled in a gym near my house and got a personal trainer. I lost about 20lbs in the gym but I had to spend almost Php7,000 a month for more than a year to get there. It wasn’t good for the budget but I felt like I needed someone (a personal trainer) to push me because I was lazy. When I started getting back on my feet in the business (makeup artistry), I didn’t have time to go to the gym anymore especially in the super hectic months (December-Feb). I ended up gaining back the weight I lost in 3months time!!! What a tragedy huh?! I stopped going to the gym and felt so depressed that I started eating unhealthy food again.

As a new year’s resolution this year, I decided to workout again and try something new. I didn’t start until March of 2015 since January and February are still hectic months for me as a wedding supplier. My friend Len introduced me to the Beachbody workout called “21 Day Fix”. It’s a 21 day program of 30minute workouts everyday for 21 days. It has an easy to follow diet plan. I followed it religiously for about 6rounds so that would be a total of  126DAYS. I lost 15lbs in 4mos and lost a lot of inches on my whole body. I was super happy with the results but I started noticing that I wasn’t losing anymore weight and inches. I wasn’t near my goal yet so I started looking for another workout.

My problem area is my waist down. I am pear shaped and I have big hips and thighs. My friend Abby also a wedding supplier (Kiss The Girl Events), recommended Brazil Butt Lift to me which is also a Beachbody Workout targeting your hips, thighs and butt. I started doing it 3weeks ago and already lost 5lbs, 1.5inches off my hips and 2inches off my waist!! I guess changing up the workout regimen helps in confusing the muscles making them work overtime therefore helping you achieve your goal quicker.

Working out for me now is a daily routine. My body craves for it everyday sometimes twice a day. I also started eating healthy and in smaller portions. Sometimes I bring my own food to work just so that I won’t eat too much fast food or unhealthy meals. I still reward myself with burger, fries and chocolates sometimes. You don’t have to deprive yourself too much.  The best part of my workout regimen though is that I don’t have to leave home and fix myself up. I also don’t have to pay big bucks to do my daily workout. It’s good for the body and also good for the pockets. HAHAHA!!

My standing motto now is “Having 3 kids is no excuse. If you love them, you’d want to stay fit and healthy for them!”