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As an active woman in my 40s, I have been invited to numerous events. There was my hosting stint in several company programs and my modeling experience on a print-ad for my company. And finally, there was my favorite occasion… weddings. I have been invited to attend weddings, either as a sponsor (both primary and secondary) or as a guest.

In all the events I have attended for the past several years, I can boast of beautiful photos and wonderful memories and it’s all because of Ana Isip, my one and only trusted makeup artist. Ana uses only the highest quality products, which is safe even for my ultra-sensitive skin. But beyond these superb products, Ana has the highest standards when it comes to artistry, competence and talent.

A true professional, Ana always ensures that the result is simply flawless. She has transformed me countless times and I can’t thank her enough. In my hosting stint alongside a handsome male celebrity, Ana transformed me from an average-looking “40” something company manager to a glamorous Hollywood star. In the brochures and posters where I was one of the models, I was not only picture-perfect, but Ana made me look as young and pretty as the other models who were in their twenties. Finally, in my most recent wedding where I was one of the Ninangs, she made me look as radiant as the bride herself. Hard to believe, right? But it’s all true because Ana is truly committed to beauty. She can make over plain and ordinary features to simply fabulous!

Not just anyone can do make-up. It’s a natural talent… to blend colors perfectly, to apply just the right amount of foundation and concealer, determining the perfect shade for your complexion. And just like all great artists, Ana is here to stay, giving beauty to people with her exceptional talent and skill.


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